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The best false eyelashes

Can anybody recommend a good comfortable brand of false eyelashes? I really can’t get that sixties look without them but I remember them being really uncomfortable!

My hairdresser recommended I get eyelash extensions (I didn’t even know this was possible!) but she said the made her eyelashes break after a couple of weeks and they’re even shorter than they used to be now! I don’t fancy that option much!

I haven’t worn falsies since I was a teenager and probably bought really cheap ones then, so any recommendations would be great! Thanks!

How to get that 1960s makeup look

I could do with some tips for getting that sixties makeup look to go with my Goodwood Revival outfit. I don’t want to go quite as extreme with Twiggy and her painted on bottom eyelashes. Although there’s a great photo of her putting her makeup on here.

I’m just planning a bit sweep of eyeliner, false eyelashes and that drawn-in line on the eye socket to give that really big eye feel. 

I could do with some tips on the kind of eyeliner to use though. I’m blonde and have quite fair skin and I normally wear a flick of eyeliner on the outer corners of my eyes but never a really heavy sixties look. 

Should I use liquid eyeliner or a kohl pencil? I’m not really sure what would give the best results, and is black too dark for me, or do I need that to get the sixties look?!

Oh and last of all, do I do eyeliner first, then false eyelashes, then mascara…?



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